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Terms of Use for Church Hire

1. The decision to accept or refuse the use of the Church Premises is at the discretion of the PCC.

2. All advertising should specify the name of the organisation and or person responsible for the event, and that the church is the venue, and not the organising body.

3. No furniture, fittings of the Premises may be moved or rearranged without prior It is the responsibility of the Licensee to report any damage occurring or being noticed during the period of hire.

4. The Licensee is responsible for the paying on demand of the PCC the cost of repairing, or making good any damage to the Premises which be may occasioned during the period of If the Premises are left in an untidy or unreasonable condition a cleaning charge will be levied.

5. The Premises are a strictly No Smoking area.

6. Any arrangements for the supply or sale of refreshments must have prior Approval.


7. If alcohol is to be sold at a function, then documentary evidence of a Justices Licence must be provided not less than 24 hours before the Written notice of the name of the person in charge will be required, in accordance with paragraph 5 of the Justices conditions.


8. It is the responsibility of the Licensee to ensure that all electrical or other equipment, staging or any other apparatus brought onto the Premises is safe and fit for its


9. The Licensee shall not block or allow to be blocked any Fire exits, aisles or gangways at any time, and shall comply with all statutory and local requirements as to safety in the use of the It is important that whilst hiring the premises the Hirer is aware of the location of the Fire Exits in case of emergency and of the relevant fire extinguishers.


10. The Premises are normally used for religious and ancillary purposes, and their design, maintenance and condition is related to those purposes. The PCC’s insurance cover is limited and, accordingly it is the responsibility of the Licensee to arrange for any necessary insurance cover for the event, and for the safety and wellbeing of all persons visiting the Premises for any purpose associated with its use. The PCC will not accept any liability in respect of the use, or for claims made against the organisers of the event.


11. The following details of the event will be required: What you will be charging for the event, the length of the performance, including intervals, number of intervals, the number of people expected to attend, arrival and departure time.


12. The Licensee should ensure the organiser has adequate arrangements for the control of entry and supervision of the audience during and after the event.


13. The PCC reserves the right to cancel the booking, after giving notice, should the Church require the premises.


14. After every function, the church is to be left in the condition it is All tables and chairs are to be returned to the storage area, and please ensure all rubbish is removed from the church. Please also ensure that all lighting and heating (if applicable) is switched off.

15. We ask that you do not stick anything on the walls or woodwork.


16. Please report any breakages Hirers may be liable for the cost of repair or replacement.


17. First aid equipment is the responsibility of the Hirer throughout the duration of hiring the hall.

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