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Banns & Marriage

Congratulations to you on your recent engagement and the exciting journey toward your matrimonial union.

For those fortunate enough to call our parish home, we extend a gracious invitation to contemplate the possibility of exchanging vows within the resplendent confines of St. Matthew's, our exquisite sanctuary. Rest assured, we stand ready to collaborate with you in orchestrating a truly extraordinary ceremony. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us for a discussion.

Even if your nuptials are destined for a different locale, but one or both of you presently reside within the parish precincts, as delineated in the map below, it is incumbent upon you to make arrangements for the proclamation of your Banns of Marriage within our venerable establishment.

To initiate this process, kindly complete a Banns of Marriage Application Form. The annunciation of your banns shall grace our main service on three consecrated Sundays, during the three months leading up to your nuptial celebration. This venerable tradition mandates that your banns be proclaimed both within your residential parish church and the hallowed venue chosen for your marriage ceremony.

It is imperative to provide us with a minimum of 28 days' notice prior to your matrimonial rites, but please refrain from doing so more than 12 months in advance. In the event that one or both parties hails from foreign shores, it may be requisite to secure a Superintendent Registrar's Certificate for your union. Fear not, for we stand prepared to facilitate your connection with the appropriate authorities to navigate this particular protocol.

To arrange Banns of Marriage, Wedding preparation and Weddings, please email

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