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Christenings & Baptisms

All are cordially invited to partake in the sacred rite of baptism or the christening of their children or themselves within the confines of their parish church.

Within the venerable tradition of the Church of England, two distinct options are extended: a modest service of gratitude for the birth of a child, or a christening ceremony that encompasses baptism, signifying the commencement of a profound spiritual odyssey. Baptism, deemed a 'sacrament' within the Christian faith, harkens back to the sacred moment when Jesus himself received baptism in the waters of the Jordan River.

In the act of baptism, you, as parents or individuals, express gratitude to the divine for the gift of life and the opportunity to embark on a journey of faith while seeking the unwavering support of the Church.

For your child or yourself, baptism serves as the inaugural step on this sacred journey, entailing the renunciation of all that is malevolent, a devout turning towards Christ, and the integration into the local and global Christian community.

Typically, christenings and adult baptisms are scheduled for Sundays, either directly following or as an integral part of the 11:15 AM Solemn Mass. On such occasions, a specially crafted Order of Service is meticulously observed, with the proceedings lasting approximately an hour, followed by communal merriment and light refreshments.

Saint Matthew's stands ready and willing to offer its gracious assistance, and one of our esteemed priests would be delighted to engage in a meaningful dialogue with you (and, where applicable, the chosen godparents) to discuss the details of the service and the sacred commitments you are prepared to make. To arrange for Baptisms and Christenings, kindly reach out to us via email at or obtain an application form at your convenience.

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